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Dumbwaiters in VA and NC, by MPS

  Reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles and accidents by installing an Inclinator Dumbwaiter. For businesses, a Workers’ Comp claim could easily exceed the cost of a Dumbwaiter.
Homewaiter - for residential use. Custom sizes up to 24" x 24" x 24". 120 lb. capacity. Maximum travel distance of 35 ft. Operates on standard 110V house current. It’s a “luxury” home accessory that you’ll love because of its convenience. Inclinator is known for providing custom lift solutions, so give us your requirements, however unique they may be, and we’ll deliver an ideal design. Besides functionality, Inclinator Dumbwaiters feature solid construction and proven reliability.

Inclinator commercial dumbwaiter
Commercial Dumbwaiter - for commercial and residential use. Custom sizes up to 36" x 36" x 48". Up to 500 lb. capacity. Maximum travel distance of 50 ft. 220V electrical with flexible power unit location. Inclinator’s innovation and reliability can be found in our line of Dumbwaiters for homes, offices, medical practices, stores, restaurants, banks, libraries and many other applications.

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Matot Commercial Dumbwaiter
- depend on Matot Project Experts with over 100 years of commercial material handling experience to design and manufacture the right system for the lifetime of your application.
Matot commercial dumbwaiter
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