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Elevator Drive Systems:

Mobility Products and Services installs home elevators in VA made by:

Inclinator Company of America

   In 1923, Mr. C.C. Crispen, an inventive entrepreneur, got an idea for a moveable seat traveling up and down stairs while he was visiting a convalescing neighbor confined to an upstairs bed. Within a few days, he formalized his idea and began U.S. Patent procedures...
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    Residential ( home ) elevator prices in VA and NC start as low as $15k, and go up to over $60k with full elevator shaft construction. Sure, you can find some cheaper prices advertised online in a few places, but beware. Often, the low home elevator prices you may find online are for just the elevator, nothing else. Make sure you see if there are any hidden costs they will tack on later, such as shipping, taxes, permit fees, additional materials, installation labor, delayed installation schedule, etc. And be sure they have qualified local installers that will be around to stand behind their work. Mobility Products and Services guarantees all of our residential elevator installations in full for one year. If something goes wrong, we will make it right.

    MPS VA happily represents Inclinator Company of America as our residential elevator of choice! Inclinator residential elevators not only increase your homeís accessibility, but add to itís value as well! Mobility Products and Services has installed countless home ( residential ) elevators in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC). Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Virginia Beach; where hasnít MPS VA installed a home elevator in the past 35+ years? We do more than install home elevators, we also provide full service in estimating new home ( residential ) elevator prices and modernizing older residential elevators. As class "A" general contractors ourselves, MPS of Virginia can work with other general contractors to get your residential elevator done right. We also frequently work with architects in home elevator project planning. We like to encourage both professions to work with Mobility Products and Services of VA residential elevator planning to include stacked closets in their plans for multi-level homes. This can save the homeowner $10ís of thousands if they install a home elevator at a later date. Are you planning a new home or thinking of adding an elevator to your existing home? Well, MPS VA is an expert in residential elevators and is here to help!

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MPS VA installs L.U.L.A. elevators from American Crescent
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MPS also repairs and services residential elevators by:

            TK Access,   Concord,   Wheel-O-Vator,    Earle's,   CEMCO

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