Happy mobility in the new year , 2016 is in the rear view.


Mobility Products and Services of Virginia wishes everyone happy mobility in the coming year and well beyond 2017. Our grateful thanks go out to all of our valued and loyal customers, THANK YOU! MPS had a record year in virtually all of our product categories in 2016. Our reviews on Google are all 5 star, which is awesome. MPS also owes a grateful THANK YOU to our wonderful and highly esteemed team of mobility professionals. While we’re at it, THANK YOU to our product providers, including but not limited to: Bruno, Inclinator Company of America, Prism Medical, Access4U, American Access, American Crescent, Matot, Acorn, Savaria, Harmar, Aqua Creek, S.R. Smith, Handi-Ramp and all of the people that produce our high quality, reliable mobility equipment. Call Mobility Products and Services of Virginia at (757) 399 – 4997 for all of you mobility needs in Virginia and North Carolina, we are here to help!

Mobility Products and Services web site. Mobility Products and Services web site.

Lifting people up in 2016.

Mobility Products and Services has done everything except blog this year! Is it really the end of August already?!? Time flies when you’re lifting up those around you, so we’re happy to have so much to do in 2016. Our web site is now generating record sales in all product categories, so the recent revision efforts have really paid off. It’s great to know that those who need our help are finding us easily and making the connection so that we can provide the information, planning, pricing, and whatever else may be needed to get their projects where they should be. During web site updates we were doing today, we reviewed the blog and realized we’ve been blog free for most (all?, really???…) of 2016. Oh well, it’s only because we’ve been so busy that blogging had to wait, until now.

MPS, Inc. Everything in Lifts and Elevators.

Call MPS VA at (757) 399 – 4997 for everything in lifts and elevators.

MPS goes mobile friendly, and Google friendly too!

    Mobility Products and Services of Virginia recently completed work on our web site to make it mobile friendly. Well, it is now working great, and Google has boosted our rankings accordingly. We’re glad to have their help in helping people that are looking for mobility products and services in Virginia and North Carolina find MPS VA easily.

MPS, top 3 organic google search results.

MPS, top 3 organic google search results.

Mobility Products and Services is now mobile friendly!

MPS VA has always been mobility friendly. But we’re pre-millenium and pre-internet (since 1978 in fact), so being mobile-friendly for web sites didn’t come up until recently. But our friends at Google have decided to give more favorable search engine results to sites that are mobile-friendly (meaning they work on phones and other portable devices), so we went right to work to make the necessary transformation to our web site. After a two week study, with accompanying testing and development, a plan was formulated and enacted for the transformation. We chose the toughest way to solve the problem, but it yields the best results, and only needs to be done once. As of today, we are well on our way to full implementation, with over half of our site transformed. Our search results have skyrocketed, and so the performance metrics indicate success. Now it’s back to work on completing the rest of our web pages, until we blog again my friend, MPS VA out.

MPS VA mobile friendly web site.

MPS VA mobile friendly web site.

Mobility Products and Services of Virginia has just launched a new web site and blog.

     MPS VA recently began to experience weird symptoms of malfunctioning on our web site. Investigation indicated that our web service provider was the culprit, and repeated efforts to resolve the problems were getting nowhere. So, we moved our entire operation to a new hosting service. This was the cyber-equivalent of deciding to move from the house that you’ve lived in for years, over the course of one week, starting now. It made for some long days and head scratching moments. But bee-bop-a-lulla baby we have made it to the other side! This is our first new post after moving the entire blog over, which was a huge chore in itself. All good now though, so we’re well on our way to blogging for days, as we continue to lift people up in Virginia and North Carolina.

Prism ceiling lifts from MPS VA.

    Mobility Products and Services of Virginia is now an authorized dealer for Prism ceiling lifts. We completed training on 4/8/15 and are very happy to add a fantastic product to our ability to assist people who experience mobility impairment. Prism is a recognized industry leader in sling manufacturing and ceiling lift systems. Awareness about these products is still limited to fewer people than is desirable, but the word is spreading; now many with mobility impairment are able to stay in their own homes, rather than moving into an assisted living facility.

    Prism products are also reducing the number of injuries to health care workers, which is responsible for better and safer care, greater job satisfaction and lower insurance costs. At MPS VA, we are looking forward to providing people in Hampton Roads and the greater Tidewater area with high quality, low cost lift equipment that will make their home more accessible. We will be back to share more as time allows, for now we are going to repeat this info in a sweet Tweet treat.

Prism sling manufacturing, April 2015 on site training by MPS VA.

Prism sling manufacturing, April 2015 on site training by MPS VA.


MPS VA training: Prism ceiling lift demonstration by Ralph Barthels, April 2015.

MPS VA training: Prism ceiling lift demonstration by Ralph Barthels, April 2015.

Record sales of stair lifts and home elevators in Virginia!

When Mobility Products and Services of Virginia invested in web site modifications focused on modern design, mobile device friendliness, and SEO for VA and NC, we weren’t sure how much it would do for our personal mobility lift business. Well, it has been working fantastically so far, with record stair lift sales in 2014, and a new record in home elevator sales just now, in January of 2015. MPS appreciates our loyal and growing customer base, including many Hampton Roads veterans. We hope 2015 will allow us to continue to serve more of our community needing one of our mobility lifts, such as: stair lifts, home elevators, wheelchair lifts, handicap ramps, pool lifts, scooter lifts, and similar products. If you are considering any such equipment in VA or NC, please contact MPS for a free consultation.

Stairlifts, Home Elevators by MPS of VA.

Stairlifts, Home Elevators by MPS of VA have seen record sales in 2014 and early 2015.

Stair lift choices, what type of stair lift will you need?

If you are thinking about installing a stair lift in your home, Mobility Products and Services of Virginia is here to help. There are many variables when selecting a stair lift, and we are experts in helping you make the right choices. Outdoor or indoor, residential or commercial, straight or curved, we’ve done them all. Just recently, we came across this article from the Huffington Post, providing a nice summary of the stair lift landscape.

Read the article by clicking here, or on the image below.

Vehicle lifts for VA and NC, offered by Mobility Products & Services.

Mobility Products & Services is happy to provide the original American made, highest quality vehicle lifts available. Our new web page detailing all of the latest in vehicle lift designs is now live. Learn more by visiting our web site, at:


Vehicle lifts by MPS VA.

Vehicle lifts by MPS VA.